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Granny Square Cal 2022 from Knitcraft at Hobbycraft 🧶

For a few years now the Knitcraft Granny Square Month Cal brings together 25 designers who each create a crocheted square, by the end of the month a unique blanket is created.

I enjoyed creating those blankets over the years, the first blanket I made was in 2019 not long after I started to crochet, I learnt so many new stitches and techniques during the Cal. I donated this blanket to a local family to raffle off in aid of raising funds for their disabled son. 💕

The next blanket I made in 2021, I donated this one to a charity fundraiser to help raise funds for a local Autism support group, this blanket was won by a lovely little girl, I’m so glad she won as she bought so many raffle tickets. 💕

This year I saw an advert asking for designs to be submitted for the 2022 Granny Square Month Cal, well I plucked up the courage to do it and entered my design which I named ‘Marine Life’. We have a large marine tank at home, so that’s where the inspiration came from.

At no point did I ever think my design would be chosen, so when I received the email to say they wanted my design to be one of the squares , I was so excited. I immediately started writing up the pattern and sent this off to be published.

On the 1st July the Granny Square Month CAL started with the first design, followed by all the other designers squares, then on the 14th day my square was released and the response I received on social media was overwhelming, I even got asked to do a “Take Over” for Hobbycraft on their Instagram page . 🤩

After 25 days the squares were all joined together to create a wonderful unique blanket… this one is a keeper this time, as it’s very special to me. 😊

It was a real honour to be one of the 25 designers for the Granny Square Month Cal 2022, special thanks go to Hobbycraft and Knitcraft . More details can be found https://www.hobbycraft/ideas/granny-square-month-cal-2022


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