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📮 Post Box Toppers 📮

I expect most of you have heard of the ‘Post Box Toppers’ if not I will explain…. They are hand crocheted or knitted covers that go over the top of the Royal Mail post boxes. They really do cheer the post box up.

My first topper was a “Christmas Pudding’ this was back in December 2021, I was very nervous at first, as thought i would get caught putting this on the post box during the night….. I must of looked very suspicious with my torch 🔦 and hook outside fixing it to the post box…… well I was awoken by my phone pinging as the like’s started to come in on the Facebook site ‘random acts of crochet kindness’ and ‘postbox toppers UK’ where I had uploaded the photo of the Christmas Pudding.

That was my first topper made, since then I have made a Valentines Day topper, Mothers Day, Queens Platinum Jubilee topper and my most recent one, being a summer theme.

My jubilee topper was even featured on the BBC news, and on the front cover of a local magazine. It was the most time consuming topper I had made so far.

The local community have been so kind in their lovely comments about my toppers, they call me the secret crochet lady 😂. Although some know who I am. I am just glad I can put a smile on their faces!

If you are ever passing the area Telscombe Cliffs, East Sussex. BN10 7LU, do look out for the post box….. you may get to see one of the toppers.

Now I need to think about the next topper …..

Love to you all.

Nanny Bears Crochet 🧶 x

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